"Invent-abling" evolved from our realization that although there are great kits for creating electronic gadgets and wear-ables for young designers, they are gender coded "for boys". We create gender-neutral kits which provide children (and any interested makers) with interesting smart materials and electronics that can be embedded in a variety of dynamic projects. The kit includes an illustrated guide explaining the properties of the contents, and instructions for several sample projects to get the young inventors started. The kit will provide materials such as color changing fabric, tilt sensors, solar panels, conductive ink and much much more. Invent-abling partnered with Assemble, a community space for arts and technology in the Penn Ave. Arts District of Pittsburgh, to hold a series of workshops to test the first version of this kit.

Deren Guler is the mind behind Invent-abling. She is a maker, tinkerer, designer, and physicist. She has a master's of Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University and has worked on many educational and community-based projects. She leads workshop at museums, universities and other venues around the world. She is interested in combining different materials, craft techniques, and computational methods to make accesible tools. She created Invent-abling in attempt to fill the gap of low-tech toolkits for children, especially for young girls.